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What to Expect from the New J.K. Rowling Story About A 34-Year-Old Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his friends finally get to act their age. And it’s as depressing as it sounds:

  • After three beers, Harry starts claiming he never made it to the pro Quidditch league because of a knee injury.
  • Ron calls Hermione a bitch and they have to go to magical couples counseling.
  • Hagrid is working on an erotic fiction novel entitled ‘50 Shades of Me Penis.’
  • Harry uses an Accounting Spell to cheat on his taxes.
  • Ron is starting to get pretty into Steely Dan.
  • The sorting hat had a midlife crisis and turned into a fedora.
  • Hogwarts is now an online wizard school.




So this blogging thing is much more difficult this time around than I originally expected. I have been trying to load a video for the past 24 hours and I am pretty sure it is getting no where fast. i am having a fantastic time in India and I am currently one week down which is bittersweet because I know that the next 2 weeks will fly past! 

So far in Mumbai (The biggest city in the WORLD) have seen Elephanta Caves, which is like a cave that was built 636 AD and it has many of the God’s carved out and lots of really rich history. I also saw Ghandi’s house/memorial which was awesome and inspiring. I also got the chance to see slum laundry where all of Mumbai’s laundry is done for about 10 rupees an item (about .05 in America) and it is a place where people in slums can gain  work, It has over 1000 employees. 

In Jaipur the pink city) I seen Jaipur Rugs ( which is a rapidly growing family business I got to meet the founder and the director (father and son) they are looking for interns which is awesome. They are a business that thrives off of working with people in villages who weave and create the rugs with looms (which I also got to see). I got to see the city palace where the King and royal family live. I seen amber fort where they originally built to keep invaders out and it was up in the mountains, It had the worlds largest canon which has only been shot once. I seen an astronomical observatory called Juntur Muntur, even though Im not in to astrology it was pretty cool and I seen the worlds largest sundial. I felt like I learned so much!

In New Dehli was a great place to be but I seen Ghandi’s memorial and the lotus temple which was a beautiful temple for all religions to come together in a way. I am very impressed by all of these cities!

India is a fantastic place to visit, I can do without the cows, oxen, monkeys, and wild dogs everywhere but I would definitely come back! In about 5 hours I will be on my way to Pune to see more great things that I cant wait to share.

Camera battery pack was left at home so my camera is dead and I have been using my phone. The quality isnt as great but it’ll do…Here is the link to my dropbox:

Just copy and paste the link and you should see some pics, more coming soon 


January 3rd 2013 Mumbai India! :) 

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